About Us

  1. What does Wilden Parish Council do?

    The Parish Council is responsible for all issues of direct concern to the Parish and looks after local services such as verge grass cutting, dog waste bin, litter bins, management of the Green. We also work in conjunction with Bedford Borough Council on highways, footways, footpaths, bridleways and trees.

    We also consider and respond to local planning proposals concerning buisiness premises and residential properties and any other planning matters that might affect the well being and lives of the residents.

    We are setting up Working groups with interested parties within the parish to discuss and deal with specific items such as footpaths and bridleways and recreational facilities.

  2. Who is on Wilden Parish Council?

    The Councillors are residents of the Parish of Wilden and like other local authorities are elected every four years, however if there are the same number of nominations as there are places on the Council, no formal elections are held. If there are fewer nominations, then the Councillors can co-opt other residents to fill vacancies until the next election.   

  3. Who pays for Wilden Parish Council?

    The cost of the services provided by the Parish Council are met by a special budget called the Parish Precept which forms part of the Bedford Borough Council Local Rates. It is reviewed annually in November. In addition the Council submits bids for grant funding whenever possible from various organisations and local authorities.

    All Councillors carry out their duties at no cost to the residents of the Parish.

  4. How often does the Parish Council meet?

    The council meets around six times a year on routine matters however often arranges additional meetings on matters of interest to the local residents. The dates of meetings are posted on the village noticeboards and on the website. All meetings are held in Wilden Village Hall.

  5. How do I find out more about the meetings and the work of the Council?

    All residents of the Parish are invited to attend meetings and during the Open Forum at the beginning of each meeting to raise any matters of concern to them. If any resident has a particular concern that they wish to be included on the agenda of a meeting they should contact the Clerk or a member of the Council in addition they shall have the opportunity to raise the matter at the Open Forum at the start of each Parish Council meeting.

    The minutes of all meetings are public documents and a summary of discussions is posted on all noticeboards and the website after each meeting. The full minutes are also available from the Clerk or by downloading from the website once they have been formally agreed.  

    If you have any general queries you are welcome to telephone or email the Clerk or the chairman at any time.